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Since I can remember I've always loved being creative, since my early days at school to the day you read this. During my GCSE years I loved art and design class but hated all the science, even though I got an A and A* for Core and Additional science. I love art and design so much I decided to do them both and Photography for A-Level and I loved it alot! 

During my A-levels I started creating animations on youtube and really loved the idea of making other videos as well, once I had left school and waited for my first university term to start I started creating comedy sketches and advice videos on youtube. My drive for creativity and learning has not stopped since, as I am now learning how to make and code games during Covid-19 lockdown.


GCSE (Grades):                 Univeristy:

Art: C                                     Computer Character Animation: Bachelors Degree

Design: C

A-Level (Grades):

Art: D

Design: B

Photography: C

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